Myron L. Sewell, MD now seeing patients in South Philadelphia again

The newly renovated Grays Ferry Education and Wellness Center is the new home of Reed Street Medical Center, the newest location for Spectrum Health Services. Patients of Myron L. Sewell, MD will be happy to know he is now seeing patients in South Philadelphia again.

Reed Street Health Center
Spectrum Healthcare Services
1325 S. 33rd St.
3rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19146
Phone: (215) 471-2761
Fax: (215) 827-5986

Bed bug prevention and control on the Penn Medicine Health and Wellness Blog


I get a lot of questions about bed bugs from folks who are getting eaten alive.  I wrote a blog post for the Penn Medicine Health and Wellness Blog. I hope you find some helpful hints there.  (Check out some of the other articles by other Penn docs while you’re there.)

TL;DR: You WILL have to deal with bed bugs, sometime, somewhere, some way. Know how to control them before you get an infestation, and you can avoid making the problem much worse (and more expensive).

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Dr. Carpenter will be working with CCA Spruce Internal Medicine

Eileen K. Carpenter, MD, will be joining Spruce Internal Medicine, one of the Clinical Care Associates practices associated with Pennsylvania Hospital and Penn Medicine. The office is at 800 Walnut St., 16th Floor, Philadelphia 19107.

Many of you have already been to the new 800 Walnut St. Penn Medicine Washington Square building. Several of the specialists who have been seeing our patients are located there.

They are not yet ready to start making appointments for Dr. Carpenter. The start date will be late May or early June 2015.  Updates will be posted to

Patient charts are now at Broad Street Health Center


UPDATE: The number to call for patient charts is 215-471-2761 x 3000

While it may seem odd to patients, the medical records of a medical practice are one of the assets that are sold to pay off creditors in a bankruptcy.  In the case of UHI, they were sold to Spectrum Healthcare. Spectrum had been contracted by the board of directors to provide management services to UHI for the past year, once the extent of financial problems became evident.

The charts are now at Broad Street Health Center, one of Spectrum’s two medical practices. Myron Sewell, MD is also working there seeing patients.

Obviously, the reason for a medical practice like Spectrum purchasing charts from a bankrupt practice is in the hopes that patients will consider using Spectrum for their care. Urban Health Initiatives no longer exists as a medical practice, so all patients must change, whether they are following their medical care providers or switching to new providers altogether.

Spectrum currently has locations in North Philadelphia and in West Philadelphia, though not yet in South Philadelphia. Should patients prefer to have their records with Eileen K Carpenter, MD, Urban Solutions, or a physician in another medical practice, Spectrum is committed to making sure those records are transferred.

Spectrum Healthcare Services/Broad Street Health Center
1415 N. Broad St.  #2
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Phone: (215) 235-7944
Fax: (215) 235-3361

Spectrum Healthcare Services/Spectrum Community Health Center
5201 Haverford Avenue,
Philadelphia, PA  19139
phone: 215-471-2761
fax: 215-472-6092

Dr. Sewell is now seeing patients at Broad Street Health Center

Myron L. Sewell, MD, is now seeing patients at Broad Street Health Center, part of Spectrum Healthcare Services. He continues to have hours at his New Jersey location as well. The phones are a little busy right now, as you can imagine, so be patient when you call for an appointment!

Broad Street Health Center, Spectrum Healthcare Services
1415 N Broad St #2
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Phone: (215) 235-7944
Fax: (215) 235-3361


Bad news

We are sorry to announce that after struggling financially this past year, UHI’s board had declared bankruptcy.

We the providers and staff do not know exactly what that will mean as far as transition of care. At least some of the providers will still be in the office tomorrow, 3/26/15. We will use this news blog to provide further information.

Comments will be open on this website to prevent disruption of communication if there are problems with our office phones. Comments entered here will not be posted on line; they will only be available to be read on the website by me or one of the other providers at this point.